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Establishment, home goods store and furniture store at 37 Smallgate, Beccles, Beccles, SFK NR34 9AF, UK. Here you will find detailed information about Keith Skeel Interiors: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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37 Smallgate
Suffolk NR34 9AF
United Kingdom
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+44 1502 712470



Reviews of Keith Skeel Interiors

    Ang Added May 07, 2019
    I purchased a very large ‘rust’ iron gazebo from the Beccles shop for £720. Whilst the men from said shop was erecting the gazebo I was shocked to see their hands turned orange. I queried this with them and was told it was from the chemical used to let the metal looked old (rust). Less than 6 months the gazebo started falling apart because the chemical had started to eat the metal. I made Enquiries at the shop about this but was told it was normal for the type of product. Over the weekend the entire gazebo came crashing to the ground because all the joints had been eaten from inside from said chemical used to shed it. I spoke to the shop owner today about the warranty on such items and he was very dismissive.

    Think carefully before you part with your money in these shops that cover things in chemical to disguise so they can sell it as something else. Very dishonest!

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